CMA’s Objectives


 Our actions and measures lead to fair, high quality, growing and sustainable markets As a result of the work we do, we aim to have the following impacts on financial markets:

1. Investors understand, and have confidence and trust, in the regulation and functioning of the financial markets, and have confidence in financial advisors

2. Financial markets are efficient, fair, and clean.

 3. Financial markets are resilient, attractive, growing, and offer a range of quality and beneficial products and services

4. Investors have access to understandable information they need to make informed decisions

5. Financial markets participants have clear and well-understood responsibilities, and act responsibly and properly towards all counter-parties

 6. The costs and benefits of the regulatory regime are proportionate

 7. Risks to the CML and CMA's objective are identified, and suitable responses implemented

8. Financial markets are growing faster than GDP

9. Financial markets are contributing economic value to the Sultanate  


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