Vision & Mission


“The Oman Financial Market will become an engine for sustainable economic growth and wealth creation.”


The vision of the CMA is for the Oman financial market to deliver diversified economic growth for Oman through: improved investment in, and performance and productivity of, issuers; the generation of efficient returns for savers, investors and users of financial market products; growth in market participation and inclusion. The goals of this vision are to:

  1. Facilitate the Government’s drive to deliver sustained, diversified economic growth and to increase employment levels in the Sultanate

 2. Foster continuous development of the domestic financial market to ensure it is  meeting the needs and improving the performance of investors and companies in the Sultanate, and beyond

 3. Protect investors and other participants by promoting fair, open, and efficient markets, and by ensuring full and timely disclosure of material information

 4. Maintain financial system stability, including through appropriate, transparent and predictable regulation, licensing, and supervision of market participants  



The goals of this mission are to: 

1. Promote and expand informed participation in the capital and insurance markets, and other financial markets we may develop and regulate

 2. Regulate, monitor and supervise the issue and trading of securities and insurance, including full disclosure of material information regarding securities, insurance, and related transactions, to the public

 3. Achieve fairness, efficiency, and transparency in securities and insurance transactions

4. Implement measures to reduce systemic risks related to securities and insurance

 5. Develop and improve the securities and Insurance markets, including transactions on and off the exchange

 6. License, regulate, monitor, and supervise the activities of entities subject to its control and supervision

 7. Develop and improve organisations and entities trading in securities and offering insurance

8. Protect the public and investors from unfair and unsound practices

 9. Monitor and investigate conduct that may constitute a breach of CMA rules and regulations, and conduct enquiries into any matter relating to the financial markets and activities of participants,

10. Enforce rules and regulations, and sanction breaches

 11. Conduct all our actions and exercise our powers fairly, consistently, and proportionately

12. Work with other regulators and government agencies, domestic and international, to develop and protect financial markets

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