Responsibilities of the Department of Awarness & Customer Services

The goal of the Department shall be to spread awareness among the public on the benefits that can be obtained by dealing in the capital market and subscribing into insurance coverage. The Department shall,


  1. Prepare a national strategy for financial (investment) education and work towards implementation of the same, with the support of other ministries and entities / personnel licensed by CMA, in order to bring in the behavioral change.
  2. Work through various channels and media for effective communication including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and press conferences, video and electronic media, awareness booklets and brochures, mobile applications etc. to create awareness, foster a culture of investment and insurance and explain the role of CMA in the protection of small investors.
  3. Coordinate with Ministry of Education / educational institutions in the Sultanate to ensure that the school curriculum include topics on the investment and insurance and provide technical inputs for the same.
  4. Conduct field experiments to arrive at the right messages and mode of delivery to bring about desired behavioral changes.

The Department shall act as a single point interface with investors and general public and shall:


  1. a. Receive and register all queries and complaints.


b. Arrange for response or redress through the intervention of the appropriate Department and arrange for a feedback to be sent by the appropriate Department.



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