Recommendations emphasize the importance of health insurance and corporate governance

05 October 2017


Enriching Sessions and discussions of the Health Insurance Conference  
 Recommendations emphasize the importance of health insurance and corporate governance
 The 11th  Health Insurance Conference in the Middle East recommended that proper planning and appropriate systems and policies be put in place before the implementation phase, with emphasis on the importance of successful coordination among regulators, government, stakeholders and stakeholders. Organizational risks and challenges and their economic and social impacts and to take appropriate decision and guidance to address them in order to ensure smooth and equitable access to essential health services, as well as to protect the interests of all parties especially policyholders. Regulatory and supervisory controls to avoid misuse of health insurance or to ensure the achievement of the objectives of implementing the system.

 The Conference recommended that the behaviors and lifestyles that affect the health map of communities in the region should be taken into consideration, and that there should be cooperation on prevention, and avoid their effect on health insurance. The integration of sufficient flexibility and rapid response in legislation and market operations be taken into account in order to cope with the technical developments in the provision of medical services and challenges, in addition to the opportunities offered to reduce and manage risks, and to emphasize the importance of the formulation of effective governance systems for the insurance sector and institutions that take into account the precautionary and regulatory principles , and knowing that all countries have  their own insurance system which takes into account the potential risks basket , demographic and topographic circumstances, and the level of health services  provided, and their  regulations and legislation,  especially those related to  Institutions  private health institutions  and their services’ quality and rights of benefit of them.

 Considering  compulsory  health insurance  as a possible factor  to comprehensive health coverage  provided  that  a number of success factors and clear procedures  shall be available .  It was also recommended to implement   automation  and the use of advanced technologies ,  and effective and efficient governance   for the sector  including  decision making mechanisms , regulatory and supervision systems, and efficient and qualified human resources.

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