CMA Participates in the Jobs and Training Exhibition by offering training programmes and seminar on insurance

19 March 2017


CMA Participates in the Jobs and Training Exhibition by offering training programmes and seminar on insurance


The Capital Market Authority will participate in the Jobs and Training Exhibition 2017 by offering training opportunities for a number of graduates in accounting, management and marketing in the training plan of this year which comprise 18 training programmes for national cadres working for the insurance sector. CMA’s participation will also comprise a seminar on insurance and employments opportunities in the industry as well as awareness competition in the social media.


CMA’s participation in the exhibition organized by Sultan Qaboos University during the period 14-16 March 2017 aims at introducing the  works  and jobs in the capital and insurance sectors beside the economic roles of the sectors in the national economy as pillars of economic development in addition to  employment opportunities in the various specializations such as  management, accounting, finance and information technology.


Such forums for students and graduates are good opportunity for acquaintance with the  nature of jobs they can take after graduation by joining insurance companies or the companies operating in the field of securities. CMA’s pavilion introduces the employment opportunities available and the benefits and features whether by joining the sector or through creation of mediums and small enterprise in the insurance brokerage. On the other hand CMA encourages the insurance companies to take part in such events to find out about the specializations available in the colleges and universities to encourage the students to join the insurance sector.


It is noteworthy that the insurance sector achieved growth in Omanization in 2016. Unaudited statistics of the sector indicate 70%c growth. CMA attaches great importance to promoting employment opportunities in the sector  due to its contribution to the GDP and enhancement of the added economic value of sector and implementation of Omanization policy based on empowering the national cadres in the medium and senior positions as such ratio is low compared to the number of expatriates who dominate the sector which require acquainting the youth with the structure of the sector and its opportunities. CMA used to quality the national carders through training programmes to gain the skills required for the sector in line with the developments and changes in compliance with the Government’s Omanization policy in collaboration with the sector to accommodate the national human resources in view of the increase in employment opportunities in the sector.

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